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spy key chain camera
spy key chain camera spy key chain camera spy key chain camera spy key chain camera


The Coca Cola Coke can spy camera is an inventive and discreet covert pinhole security camera which is inbuilt into a lookalike Coca Cola can. Manually or remotely operated, this hidden camera is able to be placed around the home, or on an office desk or table in plain view without being detected in any way. With its internal memory, it is able to offer easy data recording, and can be suitable for journalist and investigators to capture news, events, and celebrity activities on a day to day basis

Features & Specifications

  • Size: >128KB per min (25Fps).
  • Video compression: AVI video format, 640x480
  • Voice recording: Yes.
  • Charger battery: DC5.0V + 0.2V 300mA or DC5.0V - 0.2V 300mA
  • Internal memory: Yes
  • Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
  • Flash Memory: 4GB Video file
  • Recording mode: continuous recording
  • USB: USB2.0
  • Used until memory is full or manually off
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • USB: USB2.0


  • USB Cable
  • Power charger
  • Model SP-00000033
  • User Manual

Cost & Comparision

  • Product Code : SPYS-55
  • Price on Request
  • Availability : In Stock
  • Usually ships in : 7 -10 days

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